Friday, January 25, 2013

Nicaraguan Taste + Maduro Frito

Maduro Frito is basically fried mature plantains, a dish of it's own, although is not really a dish but more of a side for many Nicaraguan dishes, they are sweet and delicious whether you boil them or fry them always are very good treats

serves 4

For this you will need

4 Plantains ( if you're not sure about buying them, you can ask in any Mexican food store for Plantanos Machos)

To cook

If you  have a deep fat fryer then it will come in handy, if you don't then use a pot you wil require a lot of oil for this one 

Peel off the skin cut in circles or basically what ever form you want to it's optional then proceed to fry until the center is soft, You want to star to fry in hot oil and after lower the heat to a medium temperature.

When cooked place in a plate with some kitchen paper to absorb excess oil and serve!

Sadly I don't have pics for this I just have one when finished I hope it gives you guys an idea I promise to upload some photos asap! Happy Cooking


  1. Someone's been busy, haven't you Alejandra? I'll never forget that wonderful chicken dish, Pollo Tapado. We've made it twice and each time have been transported back to the sights and sounds of Esteli.

    1. Hello good to hear from you!. Yes I've been quite busy with the blog, but lately not too much, sadly I have a ton of school work and is hard to make up time for it, but I'm not giving up on it I just need to plan my schedule better. The good news are that in summer I'm going to Nicaragua and I definitely will make more dishes to put up so I'm looking forward to that.