Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nicaraguan Taste + Platano Asado

Hello I'm back and as you probably know it this is part of my Carne Asada special so this is basically grilled plantain and we serve it traditionally with Carne Asada as Pico de Gallo it's very straight froward, and easy to do, it might be a little difficult when it comes to when it already cooked or not but you might want to cook these in a medium low heat, just in case.

We eat a lot of plantain whether it's fried, boiled or grilled, and we have lot's of uses to it and many different ways to eat it and of course many dishes that this very humble plantain goes with. So to not bother you anymore here it is

serves 4

For this you will need

4 Plantains

To cook

First take off the shell, to do so with the tip of your knife make a cut, lift up a little bit the shell and start to run your finger up and down releasing the shell

Once you're done with that make little cuts in one side of each plantain this will help to get them cooked faster.

Once done lay down in the grill and try to cook them evenly but don't turn them too often because they are hard to get done sometimes, to know when they're done, cut a little piece and if inside it's white and soft it's done if it's pink or a strong yellow keep cooking them.

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