Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nicaraguan Taste + Pico de Gallo

Hello this is part of my special Carne Asada so it's part of a several dishes dish, although those aren't much complicated, so this is Pico de Gallo it's not Nicaraguan of course but we eat it too and it's great for tortilla chips and stuff like that

So if you want something hot and strong this comes in handy

For this you will need

3 Tomatoes
1 Onion
Cilantro leafs
1 Lime

To make

This is a very straight-forward dish so it's not that complicated, start off chopping your tomatoes in very small dices the smallest you can, do the same with the cilantro leafs and your onion

 Add the juices of the lime, a half does the trick and finally add salt to taste and you're done! some people like to ad chili to it but I'm not a big fan of chili but if you like you can add to it.

As always I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you like it then why not share it it helps me and my blog a lot.

Thanks and happy cooking!

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