Monday, August 13, 2012

Nicaraguan Taste + Arroz Aguado

Arroz Aguado it's one very simple straight-forward dish, easy to make and delicious!, Like a Nicaraguan risotto, it's perfect for when you want something simple and comfy. It can be make with pork and beef, literally meaning "watery rice" Arroz Aguado is a lovely dish

It's main ingredients are rice and tomato, here I will add one twist, from my grandma's kitchen and I'll show you how to make the prefect Arroz Aguado.

Note: One thing I'd like to say is that I for chicken dishes I use chicken breasts only, although the recipes uses other parts, sadly I can't get hold of a entire chicken here, but if you're using chicken breasts keep in mind that you'll use less than if you're cooking with chicken legs, if you're using legs you'll probably need 2 kg  assuming two legs per portion.

Also my grandmother adds in chicken consume so if you want you can add it, but it's not the traditional way of making it, and if you're using it add it when you add the chicken stock as I'll show you below

serves 4

For this you will need

2 kg Chicken legs with their thighs
500 g Rice
4 Tomatoes
1 Quarter of an onion
1 Quater of a bell pepper
2 Garlic cloves
Chicken consume (optional)
To cook


In a medium pot, put the chicken legs to boil.
If you're using breasts cut the breast in nice thick chunks.

Once the chicken is boiling remove any blood and foam, that appears you need to take it all out because we are going to use the chicken stock so it's important to keep it as clean as possible.

Once you've removed all foam add in your onion, pepper, garlic and salt to taste, boil for a further 5 mins at a medium heat  and then take off the heat and set aside

Grab your tomatoes and grate 3, this is my grandma trick because it gives it a nice color and texture also because it's not so nice to find a tomato shell between the rice and it makes it more elegant. However it's originally made with sliced tomatoes, we'll slice the tomato we have left to give it a classy look. although if you don't want to it's fine too.

In a bigger pot pour in oil and add you rice, in a medium high heat when the rice grains are white add the grated tomatoes, stir well and then add your chicken stock and the chicken.

Let it simmer down, and cook at a medium low heat, if it's starts to get dry add in more water but not too much just the right amount to cover up again the rice.

When the rice has burst, add your sliced tomato and the spearmint, and here come in the game the onion, the bell pepper and the garlic, slice your bell pepper and just tear apart the onion shells and add in the garlic, adding back those ingredients makes the whole thing more flavorful and adds some colors to the Arroz Aguado.

Finally cook for further 5 to 8 mins and serve!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, and don't forget to leave a comment with your suggestions! and if you like it then why not share this recipe it helps me a lot. Thanks

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